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Sunny Leone, James Wagner, Mark Ratering, Isabel Granada

Produced By

Nasser AL Raqushi,

Mosim Al bu Saidee

Gulab Prem Kumar

Directed by Mark Ratering 

30X40 005-min
30X40 001-min
30X40 004-min
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Pirate's (4)-min

A group of Pirates keeps their BOUNTY in a cave. Guarded by the Captain. Getting bored by the same monotones the Captain decide to share the BOUNTY among the PIRATES and announce the decision. But some of the PIRATES try to take away the TRESSURE by them selves and fight started between them and kills each other The CAPTAIN at the time of his death vows that he will not allow anybody to posses the wealth and guard it as a GHOST. Year’s passes at the next generation came in search of this TRESSURE. And find out the BOUNTY in a cave. and try to posses it. The GHOST (CAPTAIN) kills all of them and still guards the BOUNTY.


                                                                                   Al Quad art productions (Oman)                                                                                                                                                                      Shiba Arts (Oman)                                                &                                        Jayashree Cine International(India)


                                                                           PRODUCED BY                                                                                                  DIRECTED BY MARK RATERING                                                                                           NAZAR AL RAQUSHI         MOSIM ALBU SAIDEE       GULAB PREM KUMAR

Shiba Arts (Oman) Jayashree Cine International(India)